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  • BG10

    GIANT® polypro cartridge filter housings with white reinforced head and blue bowl.

  • CG10

    GIANT® polypro-SAN cartridge filter housings with clear bowl and white reinforced head.


    Keystone's versatile and rugged GIANT® stainless steel housings are useful for a broad range of applications. Their features include:

    • Rugged 304 SS construction allows for use in applications where stainless steel is preferred, including food and beverage
    • High maximum temperature operation make these housings the perfect choice for high temperature applications, including hot water and hot process liquids
    • Top quality and economical construction insures low total cost of ownership with years of trouble free service
    • NPT connections are standard

  • HTGX

    GIANT® reinforced nylon cartridge housings are suitable for hot water/high pressure service. These units offer a lightweight alternative to costly metallic vessels.

  • NPG10

    GIANT® all polypropylene filter housings are ideal for use in all industries where filtered liquids must remain totally free of contamination. These housings are especially essential in the semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. They are constructed entirely of virgin polypropylene without color, adders, fillers, reinforcements or lubricants. In critical applications, these all natural housings insure pure, cost effective filtration of a variety of solvents, acids, alcohols and chemicals without leaching or bacterial build up. Keystone 100% polypropylene housings provide an inexpensive alternative to teflon* or fluoropolymer housings.

    * Teflon® is a Registered Trademark of E. I. duPont deNemours & Co.

  • 222 GIANT

    222 GIANT housings offer maximum filtration capacity in a compact unit.