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  • CG10CP5

    Keystone GIANT® 5 micron fine sediment filters utilize a pleated cartridge to provide a large amount of filtration surface area and greater dirt holding capacity. In water and water-like liquids, dirt is trapped on the outside surfaces of the filter cartridge. The large surface area of a pleated cartridge greatly increases the life of the filter and allows our filters to perform in the same manner as the hard working, long lasting air and oil filters in your car. Independent tests prove that a pleated cartridge will last 2 to 3 times longer than other types of sediment cartridges. Keystone’s addition of a small amount of polyester to the pleated media extends the cartridge life by adding strength for high pressure situations.

  • CG10DH20

    Independent lab testing shows that GIANT® 20 micron Dirt Hog™ heavy sediment cartridges have close to 25% HIGHER dirt holding capacity than pleated paper cartridges. Since Dirt Hog pleated polyester sediment cartridges are easily cleaned, they can ultimately remove 3 TIMES more dirt than other cartridges to SAVE YOU MONEY $$$$$$.